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How to configure LDAP for system admin (ROLE_SUPERUSER) at Root Organization?

I have tried many different configurations but have been unsuccesful at determining what configuration is required to map an external LDAP user into the System Admin (ROLE_SUPERUSER) role at the root level.

I have followed all of the information here: but the application always maps the user to a child organization rather than the root level.

As the documentation states: "One practical consequence of external administrator role mapping is that external authentication can be used exclusively. When properly set up, you can have external users who are system or organization administrators. Then you don't need to have the superuser and jasperadmin users. However, you must ensure that every organization has an external user mapped to the organization with the correct attributes to have organization admin privileges."

Our goal is to have the superuser (System Admin) and jasperadmin (Organization Admin) users exclusively as external users in LDAP.

If someone has done this successfully, could you please share your configuration?

I am using TIBCO JasperReports Server - Professional Edition 7.9.1



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Don Johnson - Oct 25, 2021 - 1:03pm
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