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Getting Started with AMX BPM


This Question's info is depreciating and is presented here for Historical reasons.  Please refer to the better supportted wiki page,

I've been asked by a new customer to point them in the right direction with AMX BPM.  Here is what I think:


If you can't wait to get your hands on the product then start with the tutorials.  In Studio click on Help > TIBCO Business Studio Tutorials.


Now that you've satisfied your need for immediate gratification I STRONGLY suggest you read the documentation.  I didn't do this until I had been using the product for a year.  I had to fly to Singapore from Atlanta (a 22 hour trip).  I was bored so I read the documentation and it's amazing what I learned!  So... don't wait!  There is a ton of good info in the docs!!!!  Read them now and you'll learn the right way to do things :-)  All are available on  It's important to understand the doc structure as the docs are in a couple folders.

  • Business Process Management
    • BPM in the Enterprise
      • TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM
    • Business Rules
      • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Decisions (the run-time side)
      • TIBCO Business Studio ActiveMatrix Decisions Add-In (design time)
    • Process Modeling
      • TIBCO Business Studio - BPM Edition
      • TIBCO Business Studio for Analysts


Here is the order I would suggest for reading the docs:


Check out the section on  It provides a little more structured introduction.


Check out the


And finally don't forget to explore the community on TIBCOmmunity.  And make sure you contribute!!!!!!

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