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Chaining multiple DTS for Queue based integration process

I have queue based integration process which kicks of the DTS 'A' which in turn run the next job DTS 'B' (via run-->edit setting--->Next Job).

The problem is it does not run the DTS 'B'

Execution log has an entry for Process with DTS 'A' with success. Nothing has been mentioned in execution log about DTS'B', no errors however DTS 'B' has not run.

When i run the DTS 'A' via Workbench it runsthe next package DTS 'B' successfully. However when I run the DTS 'A' via Queue based integration process then DTS 'B' package does not run.

I have used 'Time-based' integration process with chained multiple DTS in past. Wondering if it is Scribe's limitation of using chained DTS via 'Queue-Basd' IP.

Posted by sumit a. on Oct 17 2011 12:43PM { U2640 , F9 , T2258 , C7203 }

(10) Answers