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TIBCO WebFOCUS is a complete, web-ready data access and reporting system that connects users to data. It accesses and processes information located in any format on any platform and presents that information to users through a web browser or through formats, such as PDF, XLS, and XML. Using HTML and user-friendly GUI tools, developers can build powerful webpage interfaces that enable users to create and view charts and reports as stand-alone items, or within compound visualizations. Data access, network communications, and server operations are provided through TIBCO WebFOCUS technology, which accesses data without concern for the complexities and incompatibilities of different operating systems, databases, file systems, file formats, and networks.
TIBCO Software posted on 2:48pm Jul 08, 2021
TIBCO FOCUS is a complete information control system with comprehensive features for entering, maintaining, retrieving, and analyzing data. It is designed for use both by users with no formal training in data processing and by data processing professionals who need powerful tools for developing complete applications. The non-procedural FOCUS language is designed to replace traditional programming languages in most application programming situations. The simplicity of the command syntax in the language stems from the fact that it uses simple English phrases that enable most new users to start producing meaningful reports immediately.
Don Johnson posted on 9:36pm Jul 08, 2021
TIBCO Cloud™ Messaging provides developers with simple to use client SDKs for building real-time pub/sub messaging for mobile, web and stand-alone applications.
TIBCO Software updated on 8:45am Jan 09, 2019
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TIBCO Cloud AuditSafe is the easiest, most secure way to implement and analyze audit trails in the cloud.
TIBCO Software updated on 8:46am Jan 09, 2019
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TIBCO® Reward integrates all marketing point solutions and tackles the ever-increasing volume, variety, and velocity of customer data in an easy-to-use SaaS loyalty management platform.
TIBCO Software updated on 9:09am Jan 09, 2019
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Connect front office and back office business applications using our tried-and-true on-premises application.
TIBCO Software updated on 1:38pm Mar 24, 2019
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TIBCO Cloud™ Events is a cloud based solution for building reactive applications that enable contextual decisions in real-time.
TIBCO Software updated on 9:17am Jan 09, 2019
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TIBCO Cloud™ Nimbus® enables teams to Define, Simplify, Share, and Change their processes in minutes.
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 10:22am Oct 11, 2018
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TIBCO Hawk® is a sophisticated tool for monitoring and managing distributed applications and systems throughout the enterprise.
TIBCO Software updated on 9:16am Jan 09, 2019
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TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams is a cloud streaming software-as-a-service platform designed for real-time data connectivity for data visualization and analysis.
TIBCO Software posted on 9:14am Sep 09, 2020
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TIBCO EBX™ A single solution to govern, manage, and consume all shared data assets
TIBCO Software, Inc. updated on 2:01pm Apr 06, 2021
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Developers use TIBCO Jaspersoft® software to design data visualizations exactly how they like. Down to the pixel. What will you create? TIBCO Jaspersoft products have their own corporate and community websites.  Please go there to ask questions or search for answers, etc. TIBCO Jaspersoft Corporate EMBEDDED BI   SOLUTIONS    RESOURCES   DEMO    QUICK START   DOWNLOAD TIBCO Jaspersoft Community Answers  Exchange  Documentation  Wiki  Tracker  Projects User Groups - Contribute to our Wiki - Request a Feature - Report a Bug JasperReports Server - JasperReports Library - Jaspersoft Studio - Visualize.js - JasperReports IO  
TIBCO Software updated on 11:07am Aug 01, 2019
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TIBCO Data Virtualization is an enterprise data virtualization solution that curates access to multiple and varied data sources and creates standard, federated views ― the data foundation for nearly any analytics solution. Address growing data needs with maturing analytic ecosystems. Provide immediate access to broader datasets helping to develop actionable insights executable in real time. Empower users to easily search and select from a self-service directory of virtualized business data, then use preferred analytics tools to obtain results. 5‒10X faster time-to-solution than traditional database ETL allows rapid adaptation to change with the analytic application stack of choice.
TIBCO Software Inc updated on 9:43am Oct 02, 2019
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Collaborate, operationalize, and scale machine learning across your organization
TIBCO Software updated on 3:11pm Oct 29, 2020
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TIBCO ActiveSpaces® software is a distributed in-memory data grid product. ActiveSpaces features familiar database concepts, high I/O capacity, and network scalability.
TIBCO Software updated on 10:25am Apr 27, 2020
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