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TIBCO® Streaming

Enterprise-grade, cloud-ready streaming analytics for quickly building real-time applications at a fraction of the cost and risk of alternatives.

Visual Development Environment for Rapid Deployment

A powerful Eclipse-based IDE and Streaming EventFlow graphical language tailored to real-time events help developers quickly deliver applications and incremental releases.

Broad and Deep Connectivity for any data source

More than 150 pre-built adapters and visualization options for Kafka, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service™ software, JMS, MQTT, RabbitMQ, IBM MQ, OsiPI, WITSML, historical data such as JDBC and MySQL, market data, and more bring fast and comprehensive input without custom development.

Ultra-Fast Continuous Querying

A continuous query engine processes results instantly, handles thousands of clients, manages ad-hoc queries, and continuously pushes live results as conditions change in real time.


TIBCO® Streaming 10.6

Published: May 2020

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of TIBCO Streaming 10.6. This is a major release with some cool new features, here are the highlights - 

To better integrate TIBCO Streaming applications in Cloud environments, release 10.6.0 introduces support for industry-standard Kubernetes as an alternative discovery service and Docker container deployment manager. This release also adds support for Helm as a package manager for Kubernetes configurations.

10.6 brings some exciting new studio usability enhancements - 

  • dark theme in Studio

  • new LiveView perspective - automatic and convenient way to view the tables of one or more running LiveView fragments, and to perform queries against them

  • searchable Operators and Adapters Drawer in the Palette view

Connectivity Wizard is improved for Kafka and TCM. It supports creating Kafka projects with basic and advanced authentication options. TCM wizard helps you with showing messages seen on the TCM channel, as well as a chooser for selecting fields of interest. In previous releases without the assisting dialog, you had to type a raw content matcher string into the Content Matcher text field, such as {"topic":"sales","department":"widgets"}.

10.6 release adds SMPP, Slack, ETP & HTTP Client in our Connectivity portfolio. 

  • SMPP adapter enables sending and receiving of short text messages (SMS) over the Internet. 

  • Slack adapter allows you to receive selected events from Slack in real time and send messages as users. 

  • ETP adapter allows users to interact with data from an ETP (Energistics Transfer Protocol) v1.1 server. 

  • HTTP Client Adapter performs HTTP requests and emits the contents via a Data output port. This adapter replaces the Web Reader Input adapter, which is now deprecated. 

With the new REST Management Interfaces, each running LiveView node now includes a web server that presents REST API web services that support node, engine, and table metrics queries. Also, the .NET Client API now supports- REST alert actions, using statements and listing current user permissions.

Review (1)
Mark Palmer 8:20am 07/19/2016

I'm certainly biased as the former CEO of StreamBase, and I'm responsibile for guiding its development and the streaming analytics business here at TIBCO. But over the years I've seen so many powerful applications our customers have built with StreamBase that I'm proud to be associated with the awesome engineering team, and I look forward to a great future for the products, and also for Live Datamart, which is built by the same great engineering group. We're happy to be engaging with our new TIBCO developer community site to talk about StreamBase and the world of streaming analytics!

TIBCO® Streaming

This wiki provides a location for the TIBCO Streaming® family of products community to read and share how-to information with one another.


The TIBCO® Streaming Event Stream Processing (ESP) platform is a high-performance system for rapidly building applications that analyze and act on streaming data. Using TIBCO® Streaming, you can rapidly build streaming systems and deploy them at a fraction of the cost and risk of other alternatives.

The TIBCO Streaming product itself is a combination of the TIBCO StreamBase® and TIBCO® Live Datamart products. TIBCO is no longer licensing StreamBase and Live Datamart separately to new licensees. Further the Live Datamart name is phased out; that functionality will now be called simply TIBCO LiveView™.

The technology underlying the Streaming product family remains the same despite the product name changes over time. LiveView uses StreamBase technology for many of its functions, and they share the same extension programming language (EventFlow) and the same connectivity adapter set: a StreamBase Input Adapter is typically what is used to publish data into LiveView data tables when using LiveView application data sources and embedded publisher applications.

TIBCO Spotfire Data Streams is a Spotfire add-on product. That said, Spotfire Data Streams from a technology standpoint is exactly the same as the LiveView Server component of TIBCO Streaming, with a more limited licensed use scope. While the on-ramp to using Spotfire Data Streams for data analysts looks a bit different than it does for more traditional application developers, once past the beginning ideas all the learning and information on how to use, extend, deploy, and operate each product is exactly the same.

The TIBCO Streaming product family consists of:

TIBCO Cloud Data Streams (TCDS) is based on the same technologies as TIBCO Streaming. TCDS, however, is offered only as a hosted service and does not allow direct programmable access to most of the underlying StreamBase and LiveView functionality, and thus should be considered a separate product for purposes of learning how to build, use, and customize TCDS applications

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