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TIBCO® MDM consolidates, cleanses, and unifies disparate data sources to create a centralized warehouse of accurate intelligence.

Anywhere access to
Real-time, Secure data

A combination of TIBCO MDM API’s and a low code, rapid development environment enables anyone to participate in MDM process through any business application, web portal or mobile application. With the ability to publish and subscribe data on demand, accurate master data is accessible to systems when and how they need it without compromising security.

Complete view of business

Ingest data from any channel or source to get a complete, up-to-date, trusted source of transactions and events for building contex

Intelligent Data Quality

Automate and simplify the process of defining and developing data matching rules with a built-in machine-learning engine providing significantly faster time to value than traditional rules-driven approaches

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Welcome the the TIBCO® MDM Community Wiki

MDM 9.0.1 was just released! There are a number of new features available in this release,
which should help implementations.

Customer Data Template : A new template has been introduced which focuses on customer data, containing
standard entities around a customer such as address, phone and email. The template contains prepackaged
matching queries, which should get good accuracy for matching queries out of the box. The new template
is available in the All-In-One Installer.

REST services : This release adds support for Record REST web services. All the standard operations (add, modify,
search, delete) for Records are supported. The existing SOAP/XML Record web services are still part of the

Data Transfer : This new utility allows to re-import data which has been exported using synchronization
in a single file. This allows to copy data from one system to another or to store a data set for later use.

TIBCO GeoAnalytics support : Address validation and enrichment is now supported from the MDM UI using the
TIBCO GeoAnalytics service.

Database Loader Bulk Mode : For loading large amounts of fresh data into MDM a new 'bulk' mode has been
introduced. This new mode should load large amounts of data faster and with less stress on the database
than the previous implementation.

Data Quality Enhancements: To support complex join matching scenarios several new enhancements were made,
including named querylets, grouping and penalty score.
Furthermore, date based fuzzy queries are now supported.

There are also many other enhancements and bug fixes in this release.

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