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TIBCO® Graph Database

Translytical database that transforms a complex web of dynamic data into meaningful, comprehensible and traversable relationships delivered at the speed of transactions.

Intelligent Schema

Easily discover and model any relationship as graph with nodes and edges. Designed to constantly evolve without impacting performance.

Linear Performance at Scale

Join-free query to traverse complex relationships at linear performance as datasets grow exponentially.

Maximized Return on Relationship

Leverage the knowledge of relationships in real-time to improve business outcomes.


TIBCO® Graph Database - Community Edition 3.1.0

Published: December 2021

License Type:


License Term:



5 Named Users, 100GB maximum storage.
Additional functional limits are described in the Documentation


Not available


Excluded. Licensor Software is delivered AS IS.

TIBCO® Graph Database - Community Edition 3.0.0

Reviews (2)
mmashalk 2:12pm 01/16/2019

Version 2 adds even more features and fantastic performance!

GPU support

Available on AWS marketplace

A clear differentiator for TIBCO!

Highly recommended

ggrigore 2:18pm 05/31/2016

I love how simple it is to install and start running both the server and client. I should have timed myself, but installing, running the server and writing some java client code to connect and store a simple structure took less than five minutes (I actually modified one of the samples). Still poking around the community site but it's an awesome start!

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