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TIBCO FTL® is a robust, high-performance messaging platform for real-time, high-throughput data distribution to virtually any device. Optimized to leverage the latest advancements in hardware, networking and web technologies, TIBCO FTL can handle higher message throughput with lower latencies – and a greater number of concurrent connections – than other messaging products. All of this is delivered with a peer-to-peer architecture and API libraries that run on commodity, general purpose systems with no specialized hardware devices required.

Fast application development

Developers can just focus on information sharing because they don’t have to mess with a lot of the normal details (connections, formats, transports). Plus, much of this plumbing can be changed on-the- fly through administration, outside of the applications, which also saves a lot of time.

Simplified administration

There's more than raw speed here. Centralized management streamlines an administrator’s job. Other features make for fast maintenance and reduced downtime.

Low total cost of ownership

Plug TIBCO FTL into your existing environment and start creating high-speed systems. It natively integrates with other TIBCO messaging products (TIBCO eFTL, TIBCO Rendezvous, and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service) and comes packaged with the components you need to take advantage of its speed and the services it enables. Additionally, lower costs result through fast development and easy administration.

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TIBCO FTL® Community Wiki

The latest TIBCO FTL® and TIBCO eFTL News

TIBCO FTL and TIBCO eFTL now available for free download and use

TIBCO FTL and TIBCO eFTL are now available in two editions: a free Community version and a fully supported Enterprise Edition.

The Community Editions provide the opportunity to work with some of the most powerful messaging solutions available, for free.  Get your hands on TIBCO FTL and TIBCO eFTL for prototyping, proof of concepts, test drives, even smaller scale production deployments and see what you might have been missing.  All of the high performance, scalability, and reliability these products are known for is there for the using.

For full details on the TIBCO FTL and TIBCO eFTL Community Editions, see the Community Edition announcement.

TIBCO FTL 6.2.0 and TIBCO eFTL 6.2.0 released

The latest TIBCO FTL and TIBCO eFTL releases are now available in both the free Community version and the fully supported Enterprise Edition.

This release continues to extend the capabilities of the TIBCO FTL  and eFTL 6 releases including support for disk-based persistence, .NET Core support, Targeted Deployments, multiple realm connects from a single application, expanded REST-accessible monitoring data, and continuing scalability improvements to cover your largest FTL deployments.

To get started, well, quickly, of course you'll want to check out the TIBCO FTL 6.0.0 Quick Start Guide.  In less than 15 minutes, you'll run a basic publisher and subscriber, see persistent message delivery in action, collect some performance stats right on your own system, and get pointed to the TIBCO FTL Tutorials.  This is definitely worth your time.

For full details on this release, see the updated Release Notes for TIBCO FTL 6.2.0 and TIBCO eFTL 6.2.0.

Go client library for TIBCO eFTL now available

Looking for a Go client library to support connecting to eFTL servers?  The source code for a completely functional eFTL client library is available.

See the eFTL Go client library announcement for more details.

Looking for other news?

For more news, check out the TIBCO FTL and TIBCO eFTL News area.

Other TIBCO FTL Resources and Information

TIBCO FTL Quick Start Guide

In less than 15 minutes, you'll run a basic publisher and subscriber, see persistent message delivery in action, as well as collect performance numbers right on your own system. 

TIBCO FTL Feature Videos

Want to see some of what's new in TIBCO FTL?  We'll be creating to the point videos showing important features and capabilities as they happen.

TIBCO FTL Concept Videos

Some things are just better seen than read about.  To help illustrate key FTL concepts, we're embarking on an effort to create a series of short videos focused on a specific topic.  Concise, to the point, and not boring - we'll make them worth your time.

TIBCO FTL Tutorials

The FTL Tutorials provide a lesson-by-lesson, step-by-step series of focused topics taking you from FTL basics through to advanced FTL concepts.  Rather than offer an exhausting and boring review of a single area like the API, the lessons take a practical and actionable approach working through FTL on a broad front.  You'll learn basic concepts, API usage, configuration (via the web-based UI and the REST interface), moving into more advanced topics, and going all the way through to the output from the tutorial applications and using the monitoring capabilities available in FTL to see how the resulting code is actually operating in the context of the messaging system.

You'll find tutorials avaialble for the latest TIBCO FTL 6.x releases as well as for the TIBCO FTL 5.x Releases.


FTL examples, best practices, and informational postings focused on specific topics or goals.  We've got a number of items up with more in the way.


Interested in seeing something specific?  Your feedback is important to us so please comment and help drive the content here.

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