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TIBCO FOCUS is a complete information control system with comprehensive features for entering, maintaining, retrieving, and analyzing data. It is designed for use both by users with no formal training in data processing and by data processing professionals who need powerful tools for developing complete applications.

The non-procedural FOCUS language is designed to replace traditional programming languages in most application programming situations. The simplicity of the command syntax in the language stems from the fact that it uses simple English phrases that enable most new users to start producing meaningful reports immediately.



Published: July 2021


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TIBCO FOCUS® Community Wiki

Introducing TIBCO FOCUS®

TIBCO FOCUS is a 4GL mainframe-based Reporting and Data Management product that allows customers to build complex, mission-critical applications that access platform-specific data sources. Capabilities provided include: Report Generator, Dialogue Manager, Screen Manager, Full Screen Editor, Screen Painter, FOCUS Security, universal JOIN Facility, Extended Matrix Reporting, complete report styling, display based data export (PDF, Excel, HTML, XML, Indocument Analytics, Powerpoint), Read/Write Access to FOCUS Database Manager, Transaction Processor, and Interactive Database Editor, FOCUS Data Management Language (MODIFY), statistics(ANALYSE), and zSeries optimization including zIIP Processor optimization, full EAV utilization and pervasive encryption support. Data Sources include: FOCUS, VSAM, Sequential files, DB2, IMS, CA-IDMS, Teradata, Adabas, and CA-Datacom.

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