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TIBCO® Data Science

Collaborate, operationalize, and scale machine learning across your organization

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Enable your workforce with built-in smarts and thousands of functions and algorithms. Predictive analytics, regression, clustering, time-series, decision trees, neural networks, machine learning, data mining, multivariate statistics, statistical process control (SPC), design of experiments (DOE), graph/network analysis, and text analytics are easily accessed via built-in nodes.

Team Collaboration

Make collaboration easy, allowing business experts, data scientists, citizen data scientists, data engineers, and developers to infuse algorithms within business systems. Easily create data prep, analytic, and scoring pipelines with an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface. Team members share and annotate data, scripts, models, and workflows.

Model Monitoring, Management, and Deployment

Create ensemble models and compare model efficacy with champion-challenger testing. Monitor and create alerts for model-drift and easily refresh models when they decay. Deploy entire workflows, not just models. Set workflows to run on a regular schedule, and push PMML or PFA real-time scoring models to Cloud Foundry, AWS, or Google App Engine. Build models on EMR or Redshift and deploy on-premises to Oracle or Teradata. Push models into real-time scoring engines at the click of a button.

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TIBCO® Data Science Community Wiki

TIBCO® Data Science contains tools for many types of analytic problems - small data to big data, ad-hoc analysis to autoML, single user to enterprise solution. TIBCO Data Science is a unified platform that combines the capabilities of TIBCO Statistica®, TIBCO Spotfire® Data Science (formerly Alpine Data), TIBCO Spotfire® Statistics Services, and TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR). TIBCO Data Science allows organizations to expand data science deployments across the organization by providing flexible authoring and deployment capabilities with no-code and/or code options. 

  • Data Science - Author licensing allows data scientists and citizen data scientists to ad-hoc analyze data or create analytic pipelines. 
  • Data Science - Operations licensing is an add-on that allows analytic pipelines to be deployed.

Looking for TIBCO Data Science component analytic pages ? Visit TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for RTIBCO Statistica® or TIBCO® Spotfire Data Science.

    Core Capabilities


    operationalize advanced analytics


    Complete Analytic Pipeline

    Data Science is part of the complete analytic pipeline. For an overview, see system of insight

    Data Access / Prep / Feature Selection

    Analytics / Modeling

    Operations Deployment / Business Applications




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