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TIBCO ComputeDB™

TIBCO ComputeDB, an in-memory optimized analytics database delivers high throughput, low latency, and high concurrency for unified analytic workloads

Speed-of-thought analytics

Innovate and compete more effectively by analyzing and gaining actionable insights from all your data, regardless of its volume, velocity, or variety. Enable analytics at true interactive speeds and eliminate the need for many database optimization tasks

Any Data, Any Source, Any Cloud

Explore and analyze any data across sources such as streaming; Parquet; Hive; and JSON/XML, NoSQL, relational, and cloud databases; text files, and more.

Flexible Compatibility

Run your Apache Spark programs without changes because the TIBCO ComputeDB in-memory database is 100% compatible with Apache Spark. Applications access the data using JDBC/ODBC/REST, or simply use the enhanced Spark API via Scala, Java, R, or Python.

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Welcome to the TIBCO ComputeDB Community Wiki

This wiki is a place for the TIBCO ComputeDB community to access and share how-to information. It is the starting point for an extensive, growing collection of linked Wiki pages covering all things ComputeDB.

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