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TIBCO BusinessEvents®

TIBCO BusinessEvents® allows organizations to quickly build event-driven rules systems that intelligently process streams of events at the speed they are generated - supporting realtime decision making, automation, and proactive responses.

Enterprise Capable and Proven

TIBCO BusinessEvents® has been proven in the toughest of environments, and includes a number of features designed to support scalable, flexible, and highly available deployments. Connect to a number of data sources through multi-channel protocol support. Configure persistence options and memory management via point-and-click, and utilize the bundled in-memory data grid for automatic recovery and data replication. Scale the system through the TIBCO BusinessEvents® multi-agent architecture, and secure real-time state with enhanced grid security options.

Rapid Application Development

TIBCO BusinessEvents® simplifies the building of scalable, distributed, event driven systems by exposing core capabilities as a series of models or higher-level functions. Developers may choose to work at the level they wish, with the flexibility to leverage as much or as little of the system as needed to solve a business problem. Combine support for event streams, event clouds, state, rules, advanced analytics, and automated process flows into a single application - allowing organizations in any vertical to solve today's problems around real-time analytics, big data, and IoT.

Empowered Business Users & Data Analysts

TIBCO BusinessEvents® lets business users and data analysts focus on their jobs instead of on the code, allowing changes to be made quickly without detailed IT involvement. Through a single web browser environment, TIBCO BusinessEvents® allows users to define business logic and rules through business friendly functions. Work with the system via one of the provided metaphors (such as decision tables or rule templates), or embed the web functionality via APIs into your own application.


TIBCO BusinessEvents® Enterprise Edition

Published: November 2019

.TIBCO BusinessEvents Enterprise Edition allows you to abstract and correlate meaningful business information from the events and data flowing through your information systems, and take appropriate actions using business rules. By detecting patterns within the real-time flow of events, TIBCO BusinessEvents can help you to detect and understand unusual activities as well as recognize trends, problems, and opportunities.

TIBCO BusinessEvents® Enterprise Edition v5.6.1

TIBCO BusinessEvents® v5.4.0

Reviews (2)
Mark Palmer 8:27am 07/19/2016

I'm biased about BusinessEvents, since I'm responsibile for guiding its development here at TIBCO. But since TIBCO acquired my company StreamBase, I've seen so many powerful applications our customers have built with BusinessEvents that I'm proud to be associated with such a powerful, scalable product, and a great engineering group and passionate community around BE. And as we continue to evolve the product over time, we're looking forward to more great applications and customer projects based on BE. One particularly interesting development of late is our Connected Vehicle Accelerator, which is based on BusineessEvents. We're happy to be engaging with our new TIBCO developer community site to talk about BE and the world of real-time systems!

Mani Subramanian 4:00pm 07/07/2016

A very poweful and robust product with a sold CEP engine (Rule based engine), with State machines and Decision manager capabilites. The Webstudio feature adds the extra value to the product and ease of use for business users.

TIBCO BusinessEvents® Wiki

This wiki provides a location for the TIBCO BusinessEvents® community to read and share how-to information with one another.


TIBCO BusinessEvents helps you quickly build distributed, stateful, rule-based event processing systems to support instant decision-making and instant actions. With TIBCO BusinessEvents, you can correlate and find the important events in a deluge of data, minimize decision latency, and respond in the moment to bring a favorable business outcome. Consider augmenting your traditional business intelligence or big data strategy with real-time intelligence.

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