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TIBCO tibbr is an enterprise collaboration solution that provides a 360-degree view of people, discussions, tasks, and content via mobile, intranet, web, and apps.

Today’s workforce needs a new workspace.

tibbr is the only fully customizable enterprise collaboration platform bringing together, in one place, everything you need to work better and faster.

Real work doesn’t require a desktop.

Being in the office isn't always possible — get real work done from popular mobile devices.

Integration is key to collaboration.

Make all the information and data you already have available to everyone who needs them.


TIBCO tibbr 7.0.0

Published: June 2016

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Reviews (3)
lnadipal 4:14pm 02/22/2017

tibbr is a great collaboration tool . It helps to  connect colleagues across the  organization . Tibbr is  very easy to use and integrate with the corporate user base. It also helps  in building a good knowledge source for any organization. tibbr mobile apps are very useful to connect with your team members when you are traveling or outside the office. tibbr integrated files apps (Google drive,Box etc) are helpful to access  documents from different sources. 

wdurrett 11:40am 02/10/2017

tibbr does an incredible job keeping everybody in the loop and letting users choose who sees what, with just the right privacy controls. tibbr provides the ability to see what’s happening anywhere, and solve problems through serendipity 

One thing to realize is that unlike other business software, where users usually see immediate results, social software requires users to contribute time, effort & meaningful content to produce value. social software is unstructured and therefore needs clearly defined business use cases to succeed. It's not hard, but definitely follow the best practices from the tibbr team about how to efficiently get the most out of your rollout.

Aryl Kohrs 3:57am 02/10/2017

Discover interesting insights in real-time — spot affinities, unknown connections, common activities, popular discussions, trending subjects, new polls, new hires. You need experts to turn conversations into innovations — see what people are talking about and who’s contributing to and influencing those discussions the most. tibbr integrates with Spotfire®, TIBCO’s analytics platform, to help users spot opportunities, trends and make more informed business decisions.

tibbr® Community

This wiki is a place for the tibbr® community to access and share how-to information with one another.  It is the starting point for an extensive, growing collection of linked Wiki pages covering all things tibbr.  It has links to landing pages with comprehensive, current information for the Main Topics shown below.   

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