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TIBCO LogLogic® Compliance Suite - Data Privacy Protection Community Edition

When deployed with TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence or with TIBCO LogLogic® Enterprise Virtual Appliance, TIBCO LogLogic® Compliance Suite enables users to generate various reports, alerts, pre-defined searches, correlation-based triggers, etc. from pre-existing infrastructure data.

Compatible Products

TIBCO LogLogic®


TIBCO Software


TIBCO Component Exchange License


Overview Notes

Machine and log data can offer you insights into many aspects of your business: transactions, user access, applications, operating system, network infrastructures, and IoT devices, just to name a few. The information and insights gained from machine data support any number of use cases and can also be enriched with data from other sources. TIBCO LogLogic® Compliance Suite – Data Privacy Protection Community Edition allows organizations to enforce DPP compliant policies, through automated process validation.


  • Out of the box alerts templates.

  • DPP provides the record of activity across operational environments.

  • Creates reports on your existing machine data without changes to the underlying infrastructure.

  • Out of the box correlation and aggregation rules for advanced analytics.


TIBCO LogLogic® Compliance Suite - Data Privacy Protection Community Edition

Published: January 2019

Minimum Software Requirements

TIBCO Software:

  • TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence 6.1.0
  • TIBCO LogLogic® Log Source Packages 33.0.0
Software: Trial Download

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How To Use TIBCO LogLogic® Compliance Suite - Data Privacy Protection Community Edition


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TIBCO LogLogic® provides the industry's first enterprise class, end-to-end log management solution. Using LogLogic log management solutions, IT organizations can analyze and archive machine / log data for the purpose of compliance and legal protection, decision support for infrastructure security remediation, and increased system performance and improved availability across the infrastructure.


This page provides users basic information around what Data Privacy Protection (DPP) is and how LogLogic helps achieve it. We encourage users to post any questions regarding how to use the suite or about the suite in general on our answers page at

Data Privacy Protection

While the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the new California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) have dominated the headlines to date, in the US, and in EMEA, customers should anticipate the pace of privacy regulations to accelerate. There are a number of states within the U.S. as well as other countries which are working on their own versions of data privacy regulations. This creates the need for data and machine management technologies like TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence (LMI) to help and automate the process of mapping data to these regulations and reduce the amount of manual work involved.

With LMI's DPP compliance suite, customers can create correlation rules and reports to instantly identify threats and automatically surface areas of non-compliance. LMI makes demonstrating compliance in regard to technical controls an easy and automated process. LMI already supports a number of such compliance suites such as GDPR, FISMA, HIPAA, etc.


Downloading the DPP Compliance Suite

  • To import the DPP compliance suite, follow the steps below: 
  • Download the DPPCE edition by clicking on this link here: DPPCE-Download. Redirect page will contain the steps to download the package.
  • Once the DPPCE is downloaded, you will find 3 important files inside the package.
    • TIB_logcsddpce_x.x.x.xml
    • TIB_logcsddpce_x.x.x.yml
    • Readme.txt
  • The XML file is used to leverage the traditional features of LMI such as classic index search, regular expression search, traditional alerts, and parsed data reports, while the YML file is used for the advanced features such as advanced search, correlation, aggregation, bloks etc. Both of these need to be imported into the LMI in order to take full advantage of the compliance suite. Not all the mentioned features may be utilized to achieve the automation, and only some of the mentioned features may be utilized.

Software Requirements

Minimum Software Requirements TIBCO Software TIBCO LogLogic® LMI version 6.1.0 with TIBCO LogLogic® Log Source Packages 33.0.0. We don't recommend running this with older versions as it can cause issues with regular use of the product. The appliance must be running an LX or MX Virtual platform for this suite to work as intended.

Installing DPPCE

XML Import

To install the TIBCO LogLogic® Compliance Suite – Data Protection Community Edition follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your TIBCO LogLogic® LX/EVA platform Appliance as Administrator.
  2. From the navigation menu, select Administration > Import/Export. At this point, users should see an Import and Export pane with tabs.
  3. Load the Compliance Suite file by completing the following steps:
    1. In the Import tab, click Browse.
    2. In the File Upload window, select the appropriate XML file and then click Open.
    3. Click Load. This loads the Available Entities from the XML file.
    4. Click Add All Entities. (You can also select the specific Data Protection Community Edition entity from the Available Entities text block, and then click Add Selected Entities.)
    5. Click Import. (An import successfully completed message appears above the File Name text field)

Installation is complete after the XML file is imported successfully.

YML Import

To perform the YML import, Advanced Features should be enabled and should be running on the system. If you'd like to enable them, refer the 'General Settings' section in TIBCO LogLogic® Log Management Intelligence Administrator Guide which can be found on our documentation website at Follow the steps below to import the YML file:

  1. Copy TIB_logcsdppce_adv_<version>.yml to any folder on your EVA/appliance using SCP/SFTP.
  2. cd to the location of the file.
  3. Run the following command to import the advanced suite /loglogic/logu/configurator/bin/llconf import -f /<PATH>/TIB_logcsdppce_adv_<version>.yml

You should see a "Sucessfully imported" message upon completion. 

Imported Components

Upon importing the above XML and YML files, users will notice a new menu item under their Search, Reports, Alerts and other affected features.

For Alerts users should notice new alerts under Manage Alert Rules tab:

Under Reports section you will see the new menu item show up with the same DPPCE:


Under the search section you will notice a new menu item that has a pre-built criteria searches:


Each of these sections has pre-built content that will automate the process of mapping of data to the rules to help achieve Data Privacy Protection to an extent. Refer to the additional resources section for more information on how to use various LMI features.


Additional Resources

To learn more about how to use LogLogic LMI to manage your Logs and refer to our documentation at and watch our tutorial videos on

If there are any general questions regarding the use of these LogLogic products please post your questions to and for issues that require a support case please open a case with us at

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