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Project Dovetail™

Writing smart contracts for today’s blockchain platforms is difficult.  No standardization, varying capabilities, and limited tooling all result in time lost and an increased possibility of introducing errors into the system.  And, how do you pick the “winning” technology from today’s vast number of choices, in order to eliminate the need to “start from scratch” if your choice does not turn out to be the correct option?  Project Dovetail™ is designed to address this problem. 






By utilizing a blockchain-agnostic, model-driven approach to smart contract development, developers can quickly build smart contracts that are abstracted from low level code, allowing one to deploy the logic into different blockchain technologies with little to no change.  The logic is visually represented so that the business can easily understand the flow of logic, while still allowing for any necessary customization and extensions.  On-chain and off-chain computation can become more seamless, time to market is improved, and the risk of technology lock-in is reduced.  Project Dovetail™ helps make your smart contracts smarter.

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Project Dovetail™ Release

Published: November 2018

It's here!  Check us out at

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