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AutoML for TIBCO® Data Science – Team Studio is designed for the business analyst and the data scientist alike, and provides automated generation of ML workflows as well as opportunities for manual intervention and fine tuning.
TIBCO Software updated on 6:41am Sep 24, 2020
This TIBCO Spotfire template enables the user to build product recommendations for personalized marketing. Customer segmentation is performed using techniques such as RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) and Customer Lifetime Value Analysis, which is combined with Market Basket Analysis for Next Best Action product recommendations. This template is intended for any industry providing customers with products and services such as retail, travel, or banking.  
TIBCO Software updated on 8:12am Jun 28, 2022
This component consisting of data function created in Python. Data function trains and executes a Logistic regression model on a given input dataset. 
TIBCO Software updated on 5:38am Nov 30, 2021
TIBCO Cloud™ Composer allows a UI developer to rapidly compose applications combining multiple TIBCO Cloud™ Services. Enabling our customers and partners to deliver highly customized solutions hosted on the TIBCO Cloud Platform, that meet specific use cases or verticals.
TIBCO LABS™ updated on 2:34am Sep 16, 2021
Visualize events on a timeline.
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 12:36am Apr 27, 2022
Visualize hierarchical data, depicted by concentric circles.
TIBCO Software Inc. updated on 12:50am Apr 05, 2022
TIBCO RTView monitors provide advanced, component-level  monitoring solutions for TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 5, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™ 6, TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, TIBCO BusinessEvents and TIBCO ActiveSpaces
TIBCO Software updated on 5:55am May 07, 2020
21 new TIBCO Data Science - Team Studio operators that enable machine learning with Spark 2.4 for a wide range of data sources provided by TIBCO® Data Virtualization.
TIBCO Software updated on 2:46am Jul 15, 2022
Visualize categorical data on horizontal scrollable bars.
Holger Schimanski updated on 6:53am Mar 21, 2022
The IoT Drilling Accelerator is a platform to consume drill head data from Oil Rigs, perform Analytics on the data and present to Drilling Engineers. The Analytics are performed in Real Time and the results sent to Spotfire and Live Datamart dashboards. This gives an up to date view of Rig state and the ability to detect anomalies as they occur. New in the latest release is a model to detect Bit Wear.
TIBCO Software updated on 5:52am Jul 01, 2022